The Role of Denial in an Adult Child’s Life

Denial is a defense mechanism used to combat or minimize the danger to which a person is exposed and exists as a dynamic in both the alcoholic and the adult child who is created after an upbringing with him. If you teeter on the outside ledge of a 100-story building, for example, you may improve your chances of climbing back into it if you deny the [...]

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Managing Time As an Adult Learner

Time - do you ever feel you don't have enough time to fit everything into your day? Do you ever wonder how others manage to fit everything into their day - school, work, [...]

What Does It Mean to Be an Adult Skater?

While I skated for a few years as a child, I did the majority of my figure skating as an adult. I still remember when I picked up skating again as an adult, back in the [...]

A WIN-WIN For Both Sides of the Health Care Debate

Can there be a truly bi-partisan health insurance program? Yes, I believe there can be if we look at where we are and where we need to be.Current facts: There are 5 [...]

Pick 3 Lottery – Become an Instant Winner Today!

In this fast-paced world we live in today, people want to get everything the fast way. People expect to land a job right after college, marry right away after finding the [...]

Why Winning The Lottery Won’t Make You Happy

Here's a question for you, what would really make you happy? Is it that new car you've always wanted, a big house, a beautiful spouse or as many people would answer, all [...]